About Us

We build healthcare software that cures the world

We are a software development company. We build digital health solutions. By leveraging three decades of experience, we develop and design the perfect healthcare solution that cures the world one step at a time. Our engineers have industry-specific knowledge they utilize to solve complex issues and improve business operations and the lives of patients.

Our expertise are: patient engagement and patient portals, health cloud solutions, healthcare interoperability, data quality management, clinical decision support systems, remote patient monitoring, and EHR integration.

We don’t just provide healthcare services: we help develop solutions that suit you best, follow you through design, testing, and deployment. We want you to succeed because we believe that software cures the world.

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Software is eating the world, and healthcare is next on the menu.

Voja Lalich, Vicert CEO

Vicert’s mission, vision and values

Vicert is one of the pioneers of the digital health ecosystem. Over two decades, our company values were always at the core of our health tech projects. Our engineers built health solutions for numerous satisfied clients who got not only crafts in coding but also a team of people who are experts in solving complex industry-specific problems. At Vicert, we are not about mission and vision statements without the essence. For us, it is imperative to provide knowledge, experience, and expertise to our clients.

Following specific career paths, people at Vicert get the opportunity to learn about various aspects of digital healthcare and are allowed to choose where they want to continue their careers. Enabling people to go through multiple areas of health tech benefits the overall team’s in-depth knowledge, as well as discovering individual aspirations. Creative thinking and business acumen drive our team to develop innovative solutions that provide value.

Meet our Team

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Voja Lalich​


Nebojsa Lazic

Nebojsa Lazic


Iva Danilovic

Head of Marketing

Nikolina Babicic

Head of Engagement

Vicert Employees, Dejan Nedic, Head of Processes

Dejan Nedic

Head of Operations

Vicert Employees, Testimonial, Delivery Manager

David Srbu

Delivery Manager

Nikola Markovic

Nikola Markovic

Delivery Manager

Vojkan Vukojevic

Delivery Manager