We build digital health solutions


We build digital health solutions

We don’t just manage legacy systems – we enable the healthcare revolution. We develop products from inception to deployment. We improve your existing systems, consult and guide you to achieve the goals of your healthcare digital transformation journey.

We can help you with product development from inception to deployment. We develop healthcare software tailored to your exact needs. Our team will be by your side throughout the whole process: we will design, develop and deploy user-friendly digital healthcare solutions for your portfolio.

Leveraging three decades of experience in the digital healthcare space, we can build on your legacy system and update code, increase scaling capacities, or develop new features for your healthcare system.

Our experienced healthcare engineers create industry-specific integration solutions that meet industry requirements and acquire ONC certification for our clients. Our integration process includes five phases: Planning, Data Mapping, Development, Testing, and Finished Product.

We can complete your cloud migration from developing a strategy, to successful deployment. Going through our cloud migration process, means assessing cloud options and piloting and testing the solution that fits your exact needs. Our main three services are rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring.

Our expert engineers offer consultancy services and a Discovery Workshop to devise a plan for automating, optimizing, or improving your bottom line in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Share your business challenges, and we will guide you to a digital health solution that fits your exact needs.

What We Use To Build Healthcare Software

We are enabling the digital health revolution, not just managing legacy system evolution. Through the utilization of the latest digital health technologies, we deliver solutions from inception to production and stand beside you throughout the journey.

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What We Do - Areas of Focus

We differentiate by focusing on critical areas in building custom Digital Health solutions.


Patient portals are online platforms or websites that enable patients to access their personal health information at any time. After successful patient registration each user gets their own secure username and password.

Patient engagement is a way of providing digital diagnostics and condition management. It is based on the interaction between patients and clinical professionals. The main goal is to help patients have active communication with clinicians in order to maintain therapies and prevent complications.

Patient portals are an efficient way for better patient engagement because they enable users to access their electronic medical records.


Going serverless can help you with a lot of challenges like managing data, integrating applications, or automatic scaling. Without the need for big infrastructure maintenance, your organization gets high availability, increased agility, and reduced costs.

There are a variety of cloud based services that your organization can benefit from including full or partial migration, high-performance managed databases, scale computing capacity, test and deploy apps, and many others.

In addition to the ability to provide all cloud migration services, Vicert also has a team of experts that can analyze your organization and create customized solutions that fit your needs completely.


Interoperability in healthcare is one of the core issues in the modern US healthcare ecosystem. What this term means is to enable healthcare providers to securely exchange EHR. Vicert has highly skilled teams with the domain expertise to help clients to adopt the next generation of healthcare standards to achieve interoperability.

Give us a call if you need more information about how healthcare standards evolved into FHIR standard and how we can help you with fast and easy implementation. Vicert is a trusted partner that saves your time and resources while providing your organization with the best possible solution to help you reach interoperability.


The amount of available digital data is increasing and clinical decision support systems (CDSS) are becoming a required tool for healthcare providers. These systems have multiple benefits – they provide a reduction of clinical variation and duplicative testing.

CDSS are ensuring patient safety by going through the huge amounts of digital data, suggesting further treatments, sending notifications to providers, and alerting about potential dangerous interactions between medications.


Telehealth has demonstrated exponential growth in the last several years and it offers remote patient care and monitoring (RPM). It is integrated into US healthcare, providing significant cost reduction as well as wider availability of medical services, especially for patient monitoring and diagnostics. The list of FDA-registered and approved medical devices that are used for diagnostics, treatments, or monitoring patients is getting updated regularly. Manifestations of telehealth are countless and new projects are constantly on the rise.

Thanks to over two decades of software development experience in US healthcare, our team of experts can answer every business need and help untangle any complex problem while guiding you through innovation and change.

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