Workflow Automation Software

Vicert developed software to automate the client’s business processes. We digitalized volumes of paper documentation, saving time and 50 million in real estate costs.


Workflow Automation Software

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Our client’s staff received immense paperwork requests for the renewal of employer groups. Due to the volume of emails, faxes, and paper requests, the entire workflow was slow and inefficient.

Vicert designed an automation tool to standardize intake and streamline the error-prone manual process. Our client also wanted to enhance tracking and reporting capabilities for all maintenance requests.

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Vicert developed a fully automated software to answer all of the client’s needs. We developed a fully secured workflow automation tool using Microsoft .NET and Oracle with role-based authorization. We put a single data source in place, standardized all requests (emails, faxes, and paper requests), and stored them in a digital format. The triaging and routing of proposals were thus based on a complex set of predefined rules.

Automatic tracking allowed for easy locating of necessary work items. We also automated the process of locating the person responsible for processing said data.

Our workflow automation software included a subsystem for outbound email and fax communication to other employees or producers. We also added and optimized new comprehensive reporting capabilities for analytics.


Our software reduced the times of each task while preserving data integrity. We’ve virtually eliminated administrative and production costs by:

  • Eliminating the need to keep paper requests for several years, thus saving 50 million in real estate costs.
  • Replacing the currently used, manual process of receiving, triaging, batching, and printing faxes, emails, and paper requests.
  • Our automation tool also eliminated manual paper requests between functional groups.

Vicert also drastically increased the client’s quality of data and customer satisfaction:

  • Automation of the client’s business workflow eliminated the possibility of human error i.e. misplaced paperwork.
  • Reduced the renewal processing time from a month to a few days.
  • Improved performance levels to exceed the competition.
  • Our workflow automation software improved the client’s overall business workflow.