SAML Authentication Project

The client wanted Vicert to develop a solution to raise patient engagement. Once we finished our software, the client’s members were more likely to share their opinions on care providers (120% increase), and we reduced the client’s bounce rate.


SAML Authentication Project

Interoperability and Data Quality Management

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Spring, SAML, Hibernate, Oracle

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8 Weeks


Following a mandate from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), all authenticated Blue members could write reviews on Blue providers across the country. Our client installed but hadn’t fully implemented SAML protocol to allow this option to their members.

A prerequisite for this action was another Blue Cross mandate: Plan Member Authentication (PMA). It functioned by sending a member token identifying members with each submitted review. This member token had to be passed as a Security Assertion Markup Language (“SAML”) token for security purposes. The PMA project pointed out the weakness of the client’s limited SAML implementation and posed the challenge of developing proper cloud-based architecture to optimize the client’s processes.

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We needed to develop a solution to serve as a foundation for all the client’s future projects. Our goal was to improve the client’s communication and services by setting up proper architecture. We built on the systems previously implemented by our client and introduced proper SAML authentication, including nonproduction, pre-production, and production infrastructure. This included the design artifacts, build and deployment components, and the operational support model.

We’ve improved the communication between the client’s build and operational support teams. We’ve successfully deployed the PMA project and introduced a fully implemented SAML protocol for all the client’s future business needs.


  • We improved the client’s business operations.
  • Our software set the proper foundation for all the client’s future projects.
  • We brought the client’s software up to the industry’s security standards.
  • Our SAML authentication increased the engagement of our client’s members by 120%.