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Our team was tasked with developing portfolio management software in order to allow our client systematic tracking of changes. It reduced the manual processes, decreased human error, increased the overall efficiency of the client’s health organization, and improved the accuracy of data output.


Portfolio Tool

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Our client identified the business need to automate and improve its business processes. With their mid/large product and marketing team, the client needed a developer to develop a portfolio analysis tool to track portfolio changes and benefits. We needed to create a solution to remove manual input and automate the information input into matrices, blueprints, and cycle benefits collateral.

The problem was that this information didn’t have a centralized database. Instead, it could only be located through email threads and different versions of Excel and Microsoft Word documents. Since they were manually updated, one at a time, we came up with the solution in the form of a portfolio management tool, reducing input times, making the process more seamless, storing data in a single database, and decreasing room for human error.

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We at Vicert first defined the IT architecture necessary to develop, implement, and maintain the IT solution. The main focus of our approach was to ensure that our solution could identify and report current benefits. Next, our portfolio management software needed to identify, track, and report changes made to benefits, footnotes, and other blueprint items.

We completed a solution that compared benefits within a single plan and across multiple plans. It also facilitated data entry in new plans and the creation of new plans. Thanks to our integration of MS Word and Excel, the client was able to instantly and automatically produce multiple product and marketing outputs.

In doing so, Vicert managed to increase the organization’s workflow by reducing manual data entry processes. Our portfolio analysis software eliminated the human error in manual input to MS Word and Excel and made maintenance much more efficient. The data was now safely secured in a centralized database, and our IT infrastructure made the entire process more seamless instead of tracking all the info in email chains and threads.


Our solution gave our client numerous benefits, listed below:

  • Improved day-to-day operations.
  • Reduction of human error.
  • More time is saved to complete other tasks.
  • Our portfolio management software allowed our client to change their business model entirely and increase the overall efficiency of the healthcare organization.