Personal Health Record App

Vicert improved the client’s operations by optimizing workflow and creating a patient engagement software that allowed patients to take a more active role in their health.


Personal Health Record App

Patient Engagement and Portals

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Full Stack: Node.js/Express.js

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2 months

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Our client needed to reimplement one of their existing applications in their portfolio of products. While most of the client’s other products have been moved to a different stack, the app in question still relied on legacy systems (outdated technology). Due to the outdated code base, further maintenance enhancements were made impossible.

Our client needed Vicert to develop a personal health record app. Based on the user’s app history usage and keywords, our software made recommendations to help users find certified, curated, and reviewed health apps. Our software helped patients find, try, and manage applications that, in turn, made them more active participants in their healthcare delivery process.

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Using the existing IT solution as a mockup for the new version, we migrated the technology stack from .NET to Node.js and AngularJS. Our personal health record app uses OAUth2 authentication and supports authentication with Google, Facebook, and Twitter identity providers.

We’ve upgraded the client’s existing IT infrastructure by adding the multi-tenancy option with each tenant’s point-and-click customization and personalized configuration.

We’ve also implemented a new search capability that allows users to search our patient engagement software by:

  • Keywords
  • App’s category and subcategory
  • Rating within the category
  • Device
  • Name
  • Rating
  • Developer
  • Certification status
  • Points


We made our solution more scalable: not just in onboarding a large number of users but also in ensuring that further enhancements and features can be easily added. Our medical app introduced a new business model by hosting multiple tenants, making customization and configuration available to each of them.

With a user-centric design, our patient engagement software was faster and optimized and completely changed the client’s operations for the better.