Performance Management of Health Professionals

Our team was tasked with developing an HR tool that would analyze and assess the workflow of a health system and identify areas for improvement.


Performance Management of Health Professionals

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Our client tasked us with assessing the current operations of their healthcare organization, and we identified the need for a tool that would allow better management of performance. We developed a performance management system that generated ideas for improvement.

Given that EHR integration can lead to extreme fatigue, it was our job to carefully set up the new tool so that it doesn’t impede the day-to-day of the organization’s employees. Working in the provision of healthcare can be extremely stressful, so we paid close attention to alleviating new tasks and obligations and maximizing the benefits. To that end, we came up with performance management software.

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Three teams participated in developing our telemedicine solution: the client, our consultants, and Vicert as an IT partner. After a careful assessment of the client’s needs and the scope of the project, we’ve recognized that we need to build a web and mobile app with two components: a performance management system and a learning module to educate consumers and make the app easy to use.

Improving the overall daily operations of the client’s organization, we’ve focused on delivering the solution that was based on the following elements: authentication, role-based authorization, registration, and other features which enhance application security. By relying on next-generation lightweight frameworks, we’ve developed an IT infrastructure based on Java that allows easy deployment and implementation.

Our client recognized the need to consult with us, experts within the healthcare industry, in delivering the performance management tool that would be the most beneficial for their needs. Through this recognition and assessment with our partners, we were able to identify points that would bring the optimal results and significantly improve the overall daily functioning of the client’s practice. Due to such a meticulous approach, we were able to deliver the proof of concept with the implementation of all parties’ feedback.

The result was a user-oriented performance management software that benefited both the client and the patients.


By delivering a tool that improved the client’s daily operations, we managed to improve their practice in the following areas:

  • Less time spent on administrative tasks means more time to focus on healthcare delivery.
  • Increased revenue: the client was able to focus on gaining and retaining more patients since there was now more time to deal with health-related tasks.
  • Our performance management system continues to identify points of improvement, resulting in a continuous delivery long after the software’s implementation.