Patient Registration App With EHR Integration

Vicert decreased the overall patient processing time for new patients by 50%.


Patient Registration App With EHR Integration

Interoperability and Data Quality Management, EHR Integration

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Full stack: Java, React, AWS, Mobile: iOS, Android

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2 months

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Our client identified the need for a new, more efficient way of registering new patients. They sought a new user-friendly app. The client’s company has already offered an online portal and a downloadable PDF form for offline submission. They needed a new method that would be more accessible to patients and personnel to improve patient registration.

An additional challenge was the ineffective way in which the client presented and categorized the collected information. They collected the information, which was subsequently manually entered into the system. We’ve realized the need to develop a telemedicine solution that would remove the manual step of the process and automate the data input thanks to EHR integration.

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Vicert created a cloud-based solution that automated the process of data input. We developed an app with two components: a client app and an admin app to improve the registration process for patients and facility personnel. The app focuses on delivering a better patient registration experience.

The ReactJS/ ReactNative client app was built on top of modern Java Restful API in the backend. The Client App is available as a web app and as Android and iOS mobile apps published in their respective App Stores. The app automated the process of registering new patients and simplified it. It collected all the necessary patient information and, thanks to the new EHR integration, making it possible to instantly input all the info through scans instead of manually entering the data.

We’ve created the Admin App with all necessary application security elements such as:

● registration
● authentication
● role-based authorization

The Admin App enables Admin users to review the submitted information and update it if/when needed. Once the data is approved, the app sends it to the EHR system, where data is inputted automatically. Because of how we set up the new system, the Admin App also generated authorization forms in a legally-binding manner that we previously defined.


  • We decreased the client’s processing time of new patients by 50%.
  • The new system was more user-friendly, allowing patients and personnel to navigate it more easily.
  • We removed the opportunity for human error, as data was inputted automatically.
  • We also consequently improved the quality of patient registration data.
  • Increased the speed of the client’s overall day-to-day operations.