Patient Intake and Patient Scheduling Software

Vicert enhanced the overall care management system. We increased the product’s information exchange speed and simplified the organization’s processes.


Patient Intake and Patient Scheduling Software

Patient Engagement and Patient Portals

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Full stack: .NET Core, React

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Six Months

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Our client asked us to develop a patient intake software to help patients schedule appointments. Their business is an FDA-approved system for eye disease diagnostics. It functions based on AI in healthcare. The client needed us to develop a patient portal for appointment scheduling that would also be capable of presenting test results.

From a technical standpoint, we needed to integrate two systems from the portal:

  • The telehealth provider: a patient intake form where the doctor examines the patient’s request and whether the patient is eligible for examination.
  • The core system: for the creation of an order when the patient is eligible for examination and the displaying of results once it is completed.
Case Study. Patient Intake and Patient Scheduling Software, Mobile Interface


Our solution had three parts:

  • User-facing web application
  • Backend API to handle all the business logistics
  • Worker nodes for asynchronous processing

We built the patient scheduling software to simplify the process of appointment scheduling. We’ve also implemented high security due to protected health information. That is why it incorporates the JWT web tokens for authentication.

We used React to develop a mobile-first approach for ease of use on users’ mobile phones. The backend API was built using the .NET Core framework and hosted on the AWS cloud. Its purpose was to handle the logic behind the patient portal and security requirements for our patient intake software.

We designed the worker nodes to fulfill the need for asynchronous processing tasks that don’t require user interaction. These include email notifications and interactions with third-party services. We built them as .NET Core Lambda functions hosted on the AWS. The app was developed as HIPPA compliant and data encrypted.

Patient Intake Software and Patient Scheduling Software - Patient Intake and Patient Scheduling Software Case Study


We’ve expanded our client’s portfolio. The addition of our patient scheduling software enhanced the client’s practice in several ways:

  • It simplified the process of healthcare delivery.
  • The speed of the information exchange was improved, resulting in the overall betterment of the client’s operations.
  • It made it easier for users to navigate the portal, and our scheduling software drastically improved the patient experience.