Medical Imaging Software

Our client wanted to offer radiologists a more affordable imaging and sharing solution. Vicert developed software with a cloud-based web component, resulting in the cardiologists’ faster diagnostic processes and better healthcare delivery to their patients.


Medical Imaging Software

Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring and Medical Devices

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Mobile: React, Java, Google Cloud

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10 Weeks

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Our client wanted to bypass the need to own expensive hardware equipment. The idea was to develop an “uber” for radiologists that would exponentially cut medical imaging costs.

Our task was to develop and implement a tool that enabled authenticated radiologists to access, manipulate, and make the diagnosis from images created by our client’s beamformer application.

Our software aimed to offer radiologists a full spectrum of a radiology imaging device on a tablet.

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Vicert developed a solution based on a web component that allowed remote access to a radiology machine. Our medical imaging software enabled the Image-as-a-Service feature for radiologists, allowing them to work on studies created and shared by sonographers independently.

Our client’s sonographer stored raw data generated by the probe. The radiologist could use our solution to change the beamforming parameters and generate new raw image data.

After reviewing all the data, the radiologist can make a diagnosis and annotate the images. Additionally, they can create and save comments in the DICOM format on Google Cloud Storage.

Our imaging solution is compatible and optimized for Android and iOS. It is HIPAA compliant and can be integrated with an organization’s EHRs.

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  • More affordable medical imaging for radiologists.
  • Time-saved due to the increased speed of the diagnostic process.
  • Potential for more customers and better customer retention.
  • Our medical imaging software improved the overall healthcare delivery to the patients.