Interactive Voice Response System

Vicert developed the Business Service Interface layer that improved the client’s IVR system, tripling their overall performance.


Interactive Voice Response System

Interoperability and Data Quality Management

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WAS/ATG, Oracle, RightFax

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2 Months

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Our client needed to modify and improve their current software to meet their new business goals. They needed Vicert to present all of their information in a more concise and limited manner (due to the limitations imposed by the IVR).

We opted to improve the client’s current interactive voice response software by implementing a new VXML application. It allowed members, producers, and providers to utilize various online services. Our application offered the client the same information that was available on their website but did so in a more limited format.

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We decided to group our responsibilities for this project into two groups:
1. BSI-API Design
2. BSI-API Implementation

BSI-API served as the contract between the application and the backend. Our interactive voice response system had interfaces exposed via Plain Old Java Objects (POJO).

The main features that the BSI-API provided are:

  • WPR Data Retrieval
  • RightFax Integration
  • Sigaba Integration
  • MTM Data Collection

The APIs we installed implemented the business logic necessary for the system handles, like data access.


  • Our software improved the client’s overall operations: we added more ports to handle traffic, enhanced reliability, and improved performance.
  • Our interactive voice response software also improved consistency for members, producers, and providers, through different channels (IVR and web).
  • The enhancements we made also improved caller interactions in the following segments:
    • We added new functionalities.
    • Speech for a more natural interface.
    • We improved the structure of the client’s software.
    • Our interactive voice response system now also improved the quality of the recordings.