Healthwise Content Integration

An efficient telehealth solution optimized the client’s health content online and integrated it with their disease/case management business processes.


Healthwise Content Integration

Interoperability and Data Quality Management, Patient Engagement and Portals

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Java, Healthwise

8 Weeks

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Our client identified the need to provide their community and members with indexed, action-oriented web content, tools, self-care, and condition self-management resources.
The client’s contract with Mayo Clinic was ending, and they needed optimized content from a new vendor to integrate into their site within a tight timeline.

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Vicert developed a content management system. The core of our solution was the Content Import Tool that imports Healthwise content into a relational database. We created the tool as a simple Java application run from the command line – arguably the easiest and fastest interface for any developer.
Our import process transformed the content from its original XML format into the snippets of HTML to be used on the client’s web portal.
To effectively execute the content integration, we used a multi-threaded approach. We opted to develop the solution that way due to a considerable number of files (14 000) that the client needed to process for each quarterly content update.
Vicert also made significant changes in the presentation layer of the client’s portal. We did so to support the new content format since Healthwise content was structurally different from that of Mayo Clinic. We created a dynamic content management approach with all the necessary supporting elements (menus, links, etc.)


  • Our client ended up with optimized and best-in-class health content to offer to their members, prospects, and site visitors.
  • Condition self-management programs, tools, and resources were integrated with the client’s disease/case management business processes.
  • We drastically improved the speed of reading, transformation, and storage of Healthwise content (around 14 000 files quarterly), so that now it takes less than 30 minutes.
  • We developed a content management system that was better organized and much more efficient.
  • Leveraging its decades within the healthcare industry, Vicert completed the entire project in less than eight weeks.