Group Implementation and Renewal Tool – Healthcare CRM

Our web-based app with a single data source lowered our client’s administrative and production costs. Vicert developed a CRM tool for healthcare that improved output quality, membership retention, and growth.


Group Implementation and Renewal Tool – Healthcare CRM

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Our client’s primary challenge was the fragmented nature of their business workflow. Several departments manually inputted data when turning prospective clients into established ones, increasing paperwork and slowing the organization’s business operations. This confusing process increased the staff’s administrative effort, cycle time, and quality of work.

Not having proper software harmed our client’s broker retention, staff morale, and overall customer satisfaction. Vicert developed healthcare CRM software to address our client’s business challenges. Higher production costs, increased customer service costs, and missed calls hurt our client’s top and bottom lines.

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Our client needed a software developer to optimize their organization’s workflow. Vicert built a web-based tool with a single data source in the background. All participants in the departmental process use the same data that has only been entered once. We helped identify and authenticate all users before gaining access. Vicert address the challenge of CRM development. We designed a tool that determines permissions for access to specific data and functionalities based on users’ departments and roles.

Instead of using an Excel document and moving it back and forth, our client’s staff now use the same data management software. Each group involved in data input can locate the appropriate request to complete their assignment: enter, edit, review data, and generate or download needed documents and reports.

Our healthcare CRM tool enabled users to simultaneously work on the exact implementation/renewal request. We shortened the time for many client’s tasks, increased accuracy, and improved data integrity. Data changes within the app were associated with an appropriate tracking record (change/user/timestamp). Our software provided reports on all the relevant information: from information requests and status to various statistics.


  • Elimination of extraneous and confusing data.
  • Reduction of re-work due to errors.
  • Our CRM tool eliminated redundant data entry at renewal.
  • Eliminated revalidation of the request data at multiple steps of the process.
  • Eliminated manual hand-offs between groups.

Our software also improved output quality, increased membership growth and retention, and improved customer satisfaction by:

  • Significantly reducing group sales and renewal cycle times.
  • Improving broker perception of the client’s enrollment capabilities.
  • Driving performance levels to exceed competitive benchmarks.
  • Vicert’s healthcare CRM established quality checkpoints through the process.