Contract Management Software

Vicert developed a solution to move the client’s operations online. By streamlining the client’s contracting process, we’ve reduced the workload for contractors and approvers, making the entire workflow more efficient.


Contract Management Software

Patient Engagement and Portals

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Full stack: .NET, Oracle

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2 Months

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Our client needed a contract management system based on the existing Access Modules. The purpose of our app was to be a single-source processing aid for the facility claim processors. The app would eliminate the need to interpret and review complicated hospital contracts in a long, arduous, and only partially-automated process.

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Step One – System Design

  • Detailed analysis of the existing solution and reverse engineering into the Feature Specification documenting all the new functionalities of our software.
  • Designing a new contract management system following best practices in all areas (UI/UX), including security and documenting details in a Technical Design document.
  • Creating a functional prototype for the client’s team to further analyze and implement.

Step Two – Application Development

  • Using the prototype as a starting point, Vicert developed an application that centralized every aspect of the contracting process into one easily accessible online location.
  • We’ve followed the predefined coding standards and enforced security constraints for our contract management software throughout the project.


  • We’ve streamlined the client’s contracting process, making human resources more efficient and reducing the workload for contractors and approvers.
  • We’ve removed hospital contracts’ retrieval, storage, and maintenance in various locations and made the entire process less time-consuming.
  • Our contract management platform also eliminated issues with multiple users in the Access application, improving the client’s productivity.