Betr – Health Tracker App

Vicert improved the client’s health app, making it easier for users to log in and track data. We’ve also added additional features that allow for easy detection of spikes in behavioral patterns.


Betr – Health Tracker App

Patient Engagement and Portals

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React, React Native, .NET

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3 Months

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Our client faced the problem of dependency on 3rd party solutions for their core business application. Their health monitoring app was poorly designed and had performance issues: communication between coaches and users was difficult, and users had difficulty logging their data. The poor implementation of this digital health platform led to a high abandonment rate.

Vicert needed to overcome several challenges: first, the app was not mobile-friendly. Vicert needed to make it run smoothly as a health app on iPhone and Android. Second, we needed to restructure the app to decrease dependency on 3rd party vendors and the times of dependency cycles. Lastly, we needed to improve maintenance and scalability to manage bursts in traffic.

Case Study, Betr - Health Tracker Mobile App


The first phase of the project, A&D, was conducted between Vicert and the client’s team. We outlined the goals and defined a 3-month plan for our web and mobile health tracker app. The technology stack used was React, React Native, and .NET. We also expanded on the app’s key functionalities and made it easier to maintain in the future.

Vicert recommended additional improvements to the user experience: a personalized user interface for administrators, coaches, and members, to serve as an engagement portal. Each group (administrators, coaches, and members) could experience its custom UI, allowing our client to offer users a unique, multi-channel experience for all parties involved.

The final result was a health monitoring app with the following key functionalities:

  • Real-time chat, voice and audio calls between coaches and members
  • Great user-friendly data logging and capturing system (Weight, Sleep, Food, Water, Steps)
  • Data insights for behavioral patterns and coaching decisions
  • User management
  • Scalable and dedicated processing of activities to prevent performance issues and increases in traffic
  • Our digital health app also included a notification system to keep the engagement up and integration with Apple Health and Google Fit
Case Study, Betr - Health Tracker Desktop App


  • State-of-the-art UX for specific user groups and target market – low abandonment rate.
  • Full ownership of the health platform with little dependence on 3rd party solutions.
  • Maintenance and changes to the app are cheaper and more efficient.
  • Adjusted the architecture and design of the health tracker app for scaling and business growth.