AWS Data Warehouse (HIPAA)

Vicert developed an IT infrastructure solution that ran on the cloud. It reduced the risk of human error and latency. Our client could subsequently track data and code changes, allowing them to comply with the new regulatory updates easily.


AWS Data Warehouse (HIPAA)

Health Cloud Solution

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Back-end: AWS, Docker, Java, Python

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1 Month

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Our client’s business workflow depended on their ability to safely collect, store, and process large amounts of data. Due to scalability and IT maintenance challenges, Vicert developed a cloud based data management solution.

Our client’s business model rested on transforming conversations between patients and providers into proprietary data sets. They would later analyze these sets, determine key trends, and sell access to analysis results.

We identified the electronic data capture tool as the critical problem: bad user interfaces allowed for error-prone data entry.

This system required hundreds of hours per month for corrections. Vicert developed a data management solution to simplify data entry and support the client’s downstream needs.

We opted to develop a solution that runs as an AWS data warehouse with a single source of truth for the observational data they gathered. We’ve also automated the processes of data entry, pre-processing, and analysis.

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Our data management strategy rested on providing a single source of truth for all data. It also logged changes to data and code used for data analysis. We’ve designed it to comply with all the necessary regulations (HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11) and improve the client’s business processes.

Our amazon data warehouse deployed programmatic controls of configurable user permissions to ensure restricted access to specific data. Additionally, our IT architecture enabled the easy addition of new data registries/cohorts.

We included the process of historical data migration from the set of data files into the warehouse in the solution. We did the same with the logic that allows the switch-over from current data sources.


Our data management software reduced the risk of human error and updated latency. All changes made to the data and code are now easy to track, allowing our client to go back and update compliance with any new regulatory updates.

We’ve optimized the client’s previous workflow processes: analysts no longer copied data from different EDC tools and historical files to a local machine.

We’ve achieved several benefits:

  • We prevented possible exposures to data integrity risks.
  • Our AWS data warehouse prevented potential compliance challenges.
  • We removed the existence of divergent data sets and data silos inaccessible to all teams.

We’ve automated the client’s processing of historical data so it can be easily leveraged in further research. Our continuous delivery integrated into the solution provided the infrastructure to change the solution’s environment, reducing cost, time, and risk.

Our cloud based data management supports:

  • Adding mobile apps
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Speech recognition
  • EMR integrations