API Integration and Data Sharing With Human API

Vicert leveraged the client’s Wearable API to scale their wellness and chronic care management business.


API Integration and Data Sharing With Human API

API Integration

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Our client needed us to scale and automate data capturing from their fitness devices and applications. We have already worked with the client on platform development, so automatizing data gathering and logging information was the natural next step.

Vicert needed to complete Human API’s integration to share their data between multiple applications and wearable fitness trackers. Based on our experience with the client, we identified the need to develop a data platform for healthcare to help the client connect, pair, and read various health wearables necessary to scale their business.

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Vicert analyzed the client’s apps and wearables to develop a strategy. We defined the technical scope of API integration step by step and conducted a cost-benefit analysis. In conclusion, we recognized the need to create a Human API wearable API service.

With great support and documentation, we found it easy to integrate the client’s services and provide them with a superb user experience for their users.

Vicert also created a seamless integration of device connection, pairing, and reading processes within mobile and web platforms that we developed for the client.

How It Works

  1. Invite the client to connect their data
    Embed Human API into your app or service and invite customers to connect their data
  2. Clients connect and share their data
    Clients authorize to share fitness and wellness data from our network
  3. Track Activity and Health
    Monitor real-time wearable medical device to track data gathering and activity
  4. Deliver Ongoing Engagement
    Ensure that Human API has an automated and recurring data connection to optimize engagement
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  • By completing the client’s API integration, Vicert was able to connect more than 30 applications and devices.
  • Increased level of engagement in users as they automatically synced to their platform.
  • Human API can now easily integrate new devices and applications in a few days.