Integration Services

Approximately 30% of global data is generated through the healthcare industry. This data is stored in disparate systems, and to deliver the required quality of care, it is necessary to develop solutions that connect health information and offer seamless communication.

We develop healthcare system integration solutions with a focus on interoperability. Leveraging three decades of experience within healthcare, our teams of engineers have domain expertise and knowledge of industry-specific needs. Additionally, our teams develop clean, comprehensive, and scalable healthcare integration solutions according to regulatory requirements, allowing our clients to receive credentials such as the ONC certification.

While most new EHR systems adhere to interoperability standards, systems with embedded proprietary elements still need to go on top of the client’s healthcare system. We have experience developing features on top of our client’s existing IT infrastructure, and we’ve successfully deployed solutions for integration services. Take a look at some of the services we offer.



HL7 Interface Engines: NextGen Connect, Iguana


CMS Blue ButtonHL7 FHIR

Integration Process

We offer the complete process of integration that goes through five phases: Planning, Data Mapping, Development, Testing, and Finished Product. Going through these steps with Vicert means successfully developing and deploying complete healthcare system integration that fits your exact interoperability, administrative, and business needs.