Digital Health Consulting

The constantly changing healthcare landscape, combined with the rising patient expectations, raised the standard of healthcare delivery. People need access to affordable and convenient healthcare, and care providers need to offer digital health solutions to stay competitive in the market: 25% of patients reported they would switch care providers to access remote patient monitoring.
We offer healthcare IT consulting as a way to overcome contemporary challenges of healthcare delivery. In our discovery session, we will sit down with your team to determine what type of product you need: product development, increment, cloud migration, or healthcare integration.  
Leveraging three decades of experience in healthcare, our teams of domain experts with industry-specific knowledge will offer healthcare consulting to develop a plan to increase your productivity, connectivity, and scalability or improve the quality of your overall healthcare delivery. 

Discovery Workshop

We offer the Discovery Workshop or healthcare it consulting to determine your objectives. Then we develop a solution specifically tailored to your needs. 
Depending on your requirements, we will determine the frequency of consultation: weekly, monthly, or yearly. Merging technology and health is what we’ve been doing for the past three decades, and our IT consulting services serve to determine what type of technology would improve your bottom line.

Architecture Redesign

We will analyze and assess your current IT architecture. Then we will develop solutions to make your software more efficient, scalable, and secure.

Software Modernization

Dependent on legacy systems and spaghetti code? Our IT consulting and services teams will take a look at your outdated system and modernize it as needed to ensure easier maintenance and business processes.

Vendor Selection

We will evaluate your software/vendor selection, and come up with a candidate that is sure to address all your specific needs and expectations.

Software Consulting

By assessing the target market and your offering, we will equip your software with unique value proposition, handling UX research and UI design.

Compliance Consulting

As part of our service, our healthcare it consultants will evaluate your current software solution and determine its level of compliance with industry laws and regulations. If necessary, we will make recommendations on how to meet industry standards and acquire essential certifications.

Business Process Analysis

We will sit down with you and assess your business processes, coming up with software solutions to improve your operational workflow, and improve your bottom line.

Stack Assessment

By assessing your current processes, we provide healthcare consultancy services to determine whether you require modernization, migration or rearchitecture. Alternatively, we will develop a solution that fits your exact needs.

DevOps Process

We will conduct a thorough examination of your current processes and suggest improvements to speed up your software delivery process.

Cloud Consulting

Our health care consulting service incorporates cloud migration: we will assess your current on-premise capabilities and determine the right way to proceed with your migration. We will determine type of migration you need and come up with cloud adoption and deployment strategy.


We will develop and implement testing automation processes to decrease manual processes and save you time and resources.

Reach out to learn more about healthcare consulting and what we can do for you.

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