HumanAPI Services

With a unique position among our partners, as the first health data platform that is fully controlled by users, Human API offers great possibilities for both health enterprises and start-ups. The Vicert team works seamlessly with Human API on even the most complex of integrations.

HumanAPI Services
HumanAPI, BetrHealth Case Study Visual

The main purpose of these integrations is to add value to the products and services you already provide to your customers. You can use their products and solutions to build more applications or services centered around your end-users.
With API integration, you can have a custom health data app. This can be a good option for you if you’re interested in providing a more personalized approach with insights and recommendations where users can be matched with communities. Also, we solve the interoperability challenge by enabling users to view and share their health data. Additionally, health consumers of Human API can use their apps and services completely free of charge.

Human API provides two health data API

  • Clinical API – EHR/EMRs, pharmacy records, and lab data connections.
  • Wearable API – activity trackers, consumer-grade wearable devices, and fitness app connections.

If you think your organization would benefit from these services and you need a team specializing in such integrations, contact us to schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss your specific needs.