Amazon Web Services

Digital health is specific, with a variety of organizations that provide services or develop products, all with one goal – to increase US healthcare availability and affordability.

Amazon Web Services
AWS case study

As a part of the AWS Partner Network, Vicert can be a trusted ally for your organization. We can provide support with cloud migration, storage, building AWS solutions, integrations, scalability, and more.
Vicert has teams of domain experts that can answer any challenge and assist you with AWS migration, starting with a cloud migration strategy and ultimately setting up your new serverless infrastructure.
Some of the aspects of AWS services that our teams can help you with, are storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security, and enterprise applications. Software engineers at Vicert have AWS certification along with more than a decade of experience, all of which proves they can take on any challenge.


We are a part of the AWS Partner network, which means we can provide the following services

  • Health Datasets
  • Quality Metrics Reporting
  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Interoperability
  • Security & Regulatory
  • Data Security & Compliance

The need for Amazon Web Services can vary depending on your organization’s business model. AWS services are quite diverse, and because you may not be sure what exactly is the best solution for your specific business, feel free to schedule a complimentary preliminary consultation with our experts. Our Amazon partnership enables us to address any challenge that may arise during the implementation of services. Vicert’s experience and confidence made us eligible for the AWS Partner Network, which means we can contribute significant value to your organization.