Managed Teams With Digital Health Expertise

Build The Team

  • Share your budget, timeline and development needs
  • Vicert’s Project Manager understands what you want to build and what tech stack requirements you have
  • Within days, Vicert will staff a team composed of frontend, backend, DevOps, QA and other engineers that have unparalleled experience in building healthcare solutions

Get The Work Done

  • Your dedicated team at Vicert works in sprints to ensure maximum productivity and velocity to stay up to date with your evolving requirements and expectations
  • Our process and tools include everything that is needed for project success, but we can work with your tools and environment if needed
  • Projects can last as little as 2 months, or can be long-term open ended engagements

More Value

  • Scale the team up or down within two to four weeks
  • As your needs evolve, Vicert can provide specialist tech resources and senior domain experts in a capacity that suits your needs at any given moment
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting
  • IP stays with you - everything we build stays with you with no strings attached

Our model of engagement allows you to build a scalable solution, on your own pace, allowing you to move faster towards the market ready solution, all the while seeing the big picture and being ready for growth. Implementing small projects one by one, is very inefficient way of solving the technology issues that companies are facing. Instead of figuring out how to implement each project in isolation, we strongly believe the model of engagement we propose benefits our customers by having a competent team dedicated to implementation of required solutions. There are many benefits in this approach