On-demand webinars and videos

Optimizing the Serverless Architecture

Listen to Vicert's Engagement Manager, Milos Kowatschki, and Vicert's DevOps Engineer, Kresimir Majic talk about the ideas that untangle the complexity of software engineering in today's healthcare.

Topics covered:

  • Microservice Architecture and Implications of Serverless Technologies in Healthcare
  • Is Kubernetes Really Needed?
  • HIPAA Compliance & Serverless
  • Reducing Cost with Serverless Computing
  • Transitioning to Serverless - Where To Start
  • Optimizing The Serverless Architecture
  • Image Processing - Utilizing Serverless

Migration to the AWS Health Cloud

In this short video, our DevOps engineer talks about how we optimized an FDA-approved solution for the cloud model. When our #DevOps team worked on the transformation of our customer’s #healthtech solution, they migrated it to the cloud which resulted in significant uptime improvement and a significant reduction in maintenance cost.

The solution previously based on containers running on the on-prem #Kubernetes cluster was not an optimal solution to run in the cloud environment. By deploying in the cloud and utilizing specialized #serverless services (for example, like #AWSLambda), enhanced security and faster development have been made possible - resulting in savings, faster and simpler deployment, higher reliability, and service uptime.


Data Collection and Integration with FHIR API (Blue Button and 1upHealth)

This webinar features Jelena Krasić and Bogdan Mandić, both Software Engineers at Vicert. They untangled a rather complex project of Data Collection and Integration with FHIR API.

The first topic they cover considers the Explanation of Benefit (EOB) that is obtained from the Health Insurance Provider. EOB contains information on which procedures and services insurance covers and which services must be paid by the participant. These documents can be challenging to process since many Health Care Participants are beneficiaries of more than one Health Insurance Providers. We introduce you a FHIR-based API for Medicare called Blue Button that delivers claim history and together with 1UpHealth connects facilities and makes all of the crucial data available.