Health Tech Junior Program

What Will You Be Working On

If you are a young and talented student eager to learn and gain some practical experience in health tech, come and join our Junior program!

We decided to combine two things, internship and full-time employment, so we created a Health Tech Junior program!

We want to invest in Juniors without the experience so they can learn and develop coding and health tech domain skills in the first three months of the program.
We will provide a customized learning path, including courses, training, and mentorship by our Seniors.
You might work on the pilot project, depending on your general knowledge and tech skill set, so in the end, you will practically use your expertise, becoming a part of the team in real-time with an actual client.

We hope that learning and gaining knowledge throughout this program will help you become fearless, bold, confident, and more daring in writing code that saves lives.

Software Engineer Vicert
Education and Experience Job Ad

Education & Experience

  • Final year or university degree in computer science (or equivalent)
  • Highly motivated, organized, reliable, and detailed-oriented
  • Proactive work attitude and team-oriented
  • Quick learner and not afraid to work with cutting-edge technology
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
Personal Skills Job Ad

Personal skills

Technology Skills Job Ad

We offer

  • Mentoring by Tech Development Lead or Senior Engineer
  • Experienced team members to work with and grow
  • Personalized approach
  • Interesting pilot project
  • Friday beers and fun

Career Path

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Hiring Process

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Your Team

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