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Vicert, Healthcare Software Engineers

Join Our Internship Program

Vicert has a comprehensive internship for young professionals. Each year we select a certain number of students for a paid internship program and provide them with premium mentorship and the opportunity to learn and set a foundation for a career path in the healthcare domain.


  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work & Hybrid work fully supported
  • Home office bonus
  • Private health insurance
  • 100% paid sick leave
  • 100% maternity leave support & Baby bonus
  • Training and certifications
  • Professional certification: AWS certification & Microsoft Azure certification
  • Various bonus schemes
  • Team building activities
  • Feedback provided every three months

Career Path

Grow at your own pace. We have a strong infrastructure to support each individual in their professional development. In your career path, you will be provided with the right tools, strong mentorship, and collaborative team members. We recognize and value your deep desire to work and learn and we create such environments to help you thrive and reach your full potential. 

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Hiring Process

If you are interested in working with us, the first thing you should do is APPLY for in-office or remote jobs. After receiving your application, our amazing recruiters will contact you for the initial interview. Some positions require a technical test, while others do not, so this step is optional. There is only one more step before we make an offer – a Tech & HR interview and if all goes well we welcome you to the team.

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Meet Our Team

In Vicert you get guidance that helps your professional development

My career at Vicert started after the internship program in 2020. The greatest value in Vicert is the people, their dedication to work, and also being true mentors to younger colleagues.

Vicert Employees, Testimonial, Software Engineer

Veljko Rajković

Software Engineer

Working at Vicert helps you achieve expertise in-demand

Having strong technical skills implies that you are a good developer but what Vicert provides is the ability to be a great software engineer in a specific domain like healthcare.

Nikola Markovic

Nikola Marković

Delivery Manager

Vicert gave me the opportunity and freedom to grow

In 2015 I joined Vicert as a Junior Java developer. Working on a number of dynamic and interesting projects helped me improve immensely. Today, I lead a team with whom I enjoy sharing knowledge and experience.

Iva Lucic

Iva Lucic

Team Lead

The positive impact on human life is enormous.

Vicert provides a unique opportunity to work and develop in one of the fastest-growing industries - health tech. It is both challenging and exciting to work in one of the most regulated industries in the world.

Vicert Employees, Testimonial, Delivery Manager

David Srbu

Delivery Manager

I feel appreciated and energized for everyday work

My journey in Vicert started in 2020 in the mobile development team. I enjoy being in charge of my platform because I can let my creative side shine and my opinion is highly valued.

Vicert Employees, Software Engineer Testimonial

Filip Mihaljcic

Software Engineer

No micromanagement and amazing people

I have worked with the latest technologies and got the opportunity to gain specialized domain knowledge. The best I get from Vicert is freedom in decision-making, creativity, and exceptional collegiality.

Vicert Employees, Engineer Testimonial

Stefan Spasić

Software Engineer