Patient Portals and Patient Engagement

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Patient portals are online tools such as websites or apps integrated into an organization’s electronic health record. They offer convenience as patients can access their information instantly and view their visits, prescription information, billing, etc. Patients can also use portals to maintain regular communication with their health providers.
Patient engagement refers to the patients’ activation and active participation in their healthcare. The goal is to have patients actively engaged in the process of improving their well-being through preventive care or exercises.
Studies have shown that patients actively involved in their healthcare have better health outcomes for a reduced cost than those who don’t participate in their well-being. That is why we at Vicert strive to develop patient engagement solutions.

Benefits of Patient Portals

Patient portals can improve the patient’s overall health and make them active participants in the delivery of their healthcare. We can take a look at what are some of the main benefits of such service.

  • Better communication (especially in chronically ill patients)
  • A complete and easily accessible health record
  • Patient empowerment as patients take their health into their own hands
Patient Portals and Patient Engagement, Benefits of Patient Portals

Despite all the positives, there is still strong opposition to the complete integration of this technology. Some of the main reasons for the objection to patient portals in healthcare are the protected health information and general distrust patients harbor. At Vicert, we are dedicated to delivering options that will improve the quality of your organization’s operations and increase the patients’ acceptance rate of such technologies.

Benefits of Patient Engagement

It should be evident what the benefits of having active patients are. Aside from numerous benefits that patients themselves get, there are several benefits for your healthcare organization as well. That is why we at Vicert strongly encourage the adoption of patient engagement software that will improve your healthcare delivery but also allow you the following benefits.

  • Decrease the number of no-shows
  • Increase the volume of patients you can gain and retain
  • Reduce the necessary time for administrative tasks and data management
  • Decrease the number of in-person appointments

Our Expertise

In our decades of experience in the healthcare industry, we’ve managed to provide our clients with a number of digital patient engagement tools and portals. Feel free to check out some of our best digital solutions below.


What is telehealth?

The delivery of healthcare services through technology. These include but are not limited to remote patient visits, monitoring, self-care, patient engagement, and data collection.

What is remote patient monitoring?

Patient observation, progress tracking, and management through technology instead of regular in-person visits to clinicians.

What is a medical device?

A device or software built with the idea of delivering and improving healthcare service.