Software Cures The World

We are pioneers of the digital healthcare revolution, leading the charge to transform the healthcare industry in the US for over 15 years.

We thrive at problem solving, delighting at making the simple out of the complex, to turn the vision of our clients into reality, and exceed their expectations.

Our thirst for solving the unknown drives us forward. We think of ourselves as digital healthcare marines storming into unchartered territories, assailing aggressive timelines and weaving through changing objectives. No technological problem left behind.

To our clients, we create magic, crafting solutions more quickly, effectively and productively than the ‘big guys’. We love to punch above our weight and that fuels our pride.

We operate in a climate of trust and respect, where everyone on the team has a voice and is expected to use it such that the chorus of our voices elevates our game and advances our cause.

Our successes are meaningful to the lives of millions fueling our sense of satisfaction and purpose, attracting and retaining talent that makes us stronger.

We Are Healthcare Software Engineers

We deliver a quantum leap in time to market, quality and cost effectiveness when building Digital Health solutions
Digital Health Domain Expertise and Experience
We have built more than 300 solutions for established healthcare players over the past 15+ years and have learned about our customers’ pain points and the challenges the industry faces fusing it with strong technical, architecture and implementation capabilities.
Translating Business Requirements Into Tech Solutions
We speak the language of both Healthcare and Tech and leverage our broad domain experience early in the process to analyze customer problems, understand business objectives and design a technology solution that meets the vision for each business. By doing this, we fix problems before they are made.
Quick Turnaround on Health Tech Projects
Our sweet spot is small to medium sized Health Tech projects. We are able to deliver initial products in 2 to 3 months. Other service providers in our space are not able to do that - small ones don’t have the expertise and big ones require huge budgets.
Cost Savings
Our unique position in the marketplace, team structure and organisation allows us to provide health tech solutions for 30 to 50% less than the competition and in doing so offer unparalleled value for the money to our customers.
Implementation Excellence
Our small and nimble teams that have deep experience and expertise in IT and Digital Health to analyse and design solutions in an iterative and client centric manner. For $100K of services delivered we have 0 P1 production defects and 3 defects in customer QA.
We partner with like minded companies, cut from the same cloth and built from the same DNA as we are, to work together and deliver client solutions more effectively. These partnerships allow us to discover new and disruptive ideas together with our clients that none of us alone would be able to spark.
Cross-Pollinating Disruptors and Establishment
We are often able to leverage the knowledge with both the disruptors as well as the established players in the industry to come up with innovative solutions to a variety of industry problems.
On Site and Remote
We have a team of experts in US and EU that have 15 years of experience in Health Tech. Our team leads have an average tenure of 9 years working exclusively for the health tech industry, and our developers an average of 6 years.
Vicert’s core values are based on constant improvement of its employees’ knowledge and skills, through a unique Career Path program connecting our two offices in Belgrade and San Francisco.

The program represents a clear long-term vision of a personalized employee development process. It offers more than 50 carefully selected health and tech skills, which are included in the path based on the employee’s current level of knowledge and personal inclination towards a specific area of expertise.

If you identify with the above values and wish to join our team do not wait for the position to open but send us your CV at Click to send us email